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Inert gas distribution system with central regulation. Every tank has a seperate safety valve. A high performance pump is recommended.

1 – inert gas distribution, 1e – working pressure regulator,
1a – bottle connection, 2 – distributor
1b – manometer, 3 – ball-valve,
1c –manometer (after first decrease), 4 – nitrogen passing tube,
1d – working pressure meter, 5 – safety valve


This automatic nitrogen or carbon-dioxide pre-strutting system prevents the oxigen in the tank to dissolve into the wine!


This system ensures constant overpressure in the tank (30 mBar). During the drainage of the wine it refills and when the tank is filling it releases the  unwanted gas. 


The system can be connected to the control boards pump. If over or underpressure forms then the controlling unit automatically switches the pump off (this way it protects the tanks elements from further damaging).   On the manometer we can check the tanks solidity and the incidental gas leakage. 

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